MJP critical of Gibbs accepting RUP Association President role

Louis Mussington, President of MJP.

MARIGOT–Movement for Justice and Prosperity (MJP) has criticized President of the Collectivité Daniel Gibbs for taking on the role of President of Ultra Peripheral Regions Association (ARUP), calling the decision either “a U-turn or hypocrisy” on Gibbs’s part.

“It is with amazement that we learned of the election of the President of our Collectivité at the head of the ARUP. This sudden and unexpected step must certainly challenge us all as informed citizens,” MJP said in a statement. “Is this a reversal on the part of the President or hypocrisy, a fundamental question that must not remain unanswered by the territorial executive?

“For someone who is relentlessly and vehemently criticizing and denouncing our status as an Outermost Region (OR), we feel he does not belong at the head of the ARUP, given the convictions he defends. Indeed, how could he defend with energy and persistence the common actions recommended by the other presidents of the Region, who have unanimously made the choice to remain in the European Union (EU).

“Faced with the President’s position, it is necessary to recall that our MJP movement campaigned on a realistic and pragmatic choice regarding our OR status. We do not have to align ourselves with our neighbours, who do not face the same financial and social problems. Remember that the Collectivité’s budgetary situation does not allow any room for manoeuvre.

“The recent budget vote confirms that our self-financing capacity is low and does not allow us to easily repay our debt or even reduce our financial charges. Let us keep in mind that the State is in no way generous to us; State subventions are not increasing. Given the picture we have just painted, is it realistic to envisage our immediate exit from Europe?

“We hope that the President of the Collectivité who has agreed to lead the destiny of ARUP, will reconsider his rash choice and plead in favour of the application of Article 349 of the EU Treaty, which recognises the specific characteristics of the Outermost Regions, allowing the adoption of specific measures adapted to the ORs. He is obviously condemned to follow this step in the interest of the cohesion of the Association of the Presidents of Region.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/76153-mjp-critical-of-gibbs-accepting-rup-association-president-role