MJP deposits list of election candidates

MJP candidates at the Préfecture after depositing their list for the March 19 Territorial Council elections. Louis Mussington (centre) is holding the deposit slip.


Marigot–The Movement for Justice and Prosperity (MJP) deposited its final list of candidates at the Préfecture on Wednesday afternoon.

  “It is now official, we have passed all the legal and administrative requirements to participate in the upcoming March 19 Territorial Council elections,” MJP President Louis Mussington said. “The list of 26 candidates is composed of men and women equipped and qualified to carry out the task of governing the Collectivité of St. Martin for the next five years.”

  The MJP list is composed of the following candidates 1. Louis Mussington, 2. Louis Edmond, 3.Marthe Ogoundélé Tessi, 4. Gumbs, Daniel Rigobert, 5. Bernadette Davis, 6. Pierre Aliotti, 7.Brooks, Juliette Kelly, 8. Daniel Arnel, 9. Micheline Barrot, 10. Wilson Martin Ezikiel, 11. Curiel, Jocelyn Catherine, 12. Frantz Gumbs, 13. Lafleur Maryse, 14. Ali Laggoune, 15. Glascow Thomas Genevieve Norma, 16. Moïse Agenor, 17. Felix Clarisse Nadine, 18. Mussington, Leonard Emile, 19: Farouil, Gisele Diane, 20. Samer Romuald Gregoire, 21. Haddoks, Marie Line, 22. Javois, Thierry, 23. Davis Claudette, 24. Tayale Mario Rodrigue, 25. Richardson Marie Thérése, 26. Jabouley Francisque, and Cajuste Dormoy Jocelyne.

  “I’m very grateful for the men and women who accepted to be part of the MJP’s team, the composition is the result of two years of hard work,” added Mussington.

  The selection of the list was done based on the various portfolios needed to be filled at the Collectivité level.

  “Our organic law has given us a certain level of autonomy, which was not yet used over the past ten years. We need to put this autonomy into effect in order to bring about significant changes in the interest of the people,” Mussington explained.

  The official campaign for the Territorial Council elections will begin Monday, March 6 and conclude on Saturday March 18.

  “Our theme for the two weeks campaign is “People First,” we must bring justice and prosperity to our people,” he concluded.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/64038-mjp-deposits-list-of-election-candidates