More arrests and house searches in ongoing burglary investigation | THE DAILY HERALD

Members of the Police Force Caribbean Netherlands KPCN, a member of the Royal Dutch Marechaussee and other officials outside a home in Bay Brow during the ongoing burglary investigation in St. Eustatius on Thursday.

 ST. EUSTATIUS–Members of the Police Force Caribbean Netherlands KPCN were seen out and about again in St. Eustatius in the morning hours of Thursday, October 10. Following Wednesday’s police action during which they searched homes and arrested two suspects, more dwellings were searched and one more suspect arrested Thursday.

  The Royal Dutch Marechaussee, the Acting Investigating Judge and a Joint Court of Justice recorder were also present during the searches.

  The police carried out house searches in Bay Brow, a home in Princess, in Jeems and in an abandoned building on the Road to White Wall on Thursday. The four house searches were in relation to an ongoing investigation into break-ins committed in St. Eustatius.

  During the searches, which were deemed successful, the police were able to recover some stolen items that were found in the abandoned building. Also, a female suspect was arrested as a result of one of the searches.

  So far three suspects have been arrested in the course of the investigation. On Wednesday, the police also conducted searches in Golden Rock and White Hook, during which two suspects were arrested.

  At the location in Golden Rock, the police confiscated several items, including a vehicle. One suspect was transported off the island on board a Winair aircraft, accompanied by several police officers.

  The police investigation is still ongoing.

A member of the Royal Dutch Marechaussee taking evidence from the abandoned building on the Road to White Wall.

Source: The Daily Herald