More load-shedding, to be continued today

PHILIPSBURG–Despite a statement from GEBE Monday night that it did not foresee any need for further load-shedding, the lights went off in many districts again on Tuesday as the utilities company resorted to another day of load-shedding as a result of emergency repairs it had to conduct on one of its engines.

A GEBE representative told The Daily Herald last night that the load-shedding would continue today, Wednesday, August 31, due to an issue with one of the company’s engines. One of its larger engines is also down, the representative said. Today will be the third consecutive day that residents have to cope with outages.

Tuesday’s load-shedding began just after 9:00am and continued until late in the afternoon, after which it was discontinued for the night.

Some areas such as Dutch Quarter suffered load-shedding twice for the day (at 9:15am and again at 4:21pm), which some residents felt was unfair.

Other areas affected on Tuesday were Pelican, Saunders, parts of Cay Hill, parts of L.B. Scott Road, Belvedere, Bishop Hill, parts of Oyster Pond, parts of Dawn Beach, A.Th. Illidge Road, Bush Road, parts of Walter A. Nisbeth Road, parts of Cannegieter Street, parts of lower Back and Front Streets, Welfare Road, Airport Boulevard, Beacon Hill, Over the Bank, parts of Pointe Blanche, parts of Back Bay, Madame Estate, Arch Road, Middle Region, parts of Sucker Garden and parts of Prince’s Quarter.

Source: Daily Herald
More load-shedding, to be continued today


    • GEBE please accept once and for all and accept that you cannot provide consistent power and let the consumers assist in micro producing their own solar power and feeding it back to the Grid

      • Agreed, however this requires lots of adjustments. Imagine so much solar power being produced in the daytime that GEBE would not need to run any generator, but as soon as the sun sets GEBE would have to fire up the plant full force to keep up with the demand during the night. Unless everyone adds batteries to store solar energy for it to use at night as well.