More Venezuelans seeking asylum, according to Police


MARIGOT–The French-side immigration and border control Police aux Frontières (PAF) has indicated many more Venezuelan nationals are entering the French territory than before, due to the grave economic crisis in that country. “Before and up to 2015, about 30 to 40 Venezuela nationals a year would enter, but now it is up to 400 or more a year,” a spokesman for PAF stated.

  For Venezuelans, and all countries whose nationals are seeking asylum, they are allowed to stay in the territory for five months, while the French State considers their request for asylum. They also receive some basic aid. They are not allowed to leave French territory, for example, going over to the Dutch side of the island. If the request is denied the applicant is returned to his or her country of origin.

  No further information could immediately be obtained from the Préfecture on this situation. 



Source: The Daily Herald