Mother and Son Gala held on St. Eustatius

STATIA–Daughters of the King (DOTK) Foundation hosted its first Mother and Son Gala on Sunday in the Mike van Putten Center on St. Eustatius. Attendees bonded with each other, played games, listened to musical renditions and a dual presentation by motivational speakers from St. Maarten Lenworth Wilson and Darren Wilson of the Gifted Foundation.

DOTK caters to the social well-being of girls between ages 6 to 12. However, Director Elaine Cuvalay-Jeffrey said the Foundation “wanted to do something special for the boys of our community.”

Darren told mothers to see their sons as the kings and to remember they ultimately have the responsibility to their sons and invest the right words to make sure that sons become the person that they envisioned them to be and become.

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To the sons he said to make sure to do everything in their power to treat their mothers like the queens they are, because best thing their mother did for them is she made the conscious decision to give them life. “The best way to repay your mother for her gift to you is to become the best person you could be as a tribute to her,” Darren said.

Lenworth told mothers that one day their sons will become teenagers and may become difficult to deal with when they look for an identity to make themselves unique. At that point, mothers have to realize their sons are not being disrespectful, but they are doing it because they are growing up, he said.

“Your responsibility in raising them is to ensure that they are provided with the right information to keep them on the right path. This is not the time to get upset with them, they are growing up; they are coming into their own,” Lenworth said.

To the young men, he said if they want respect from others, they have to give respect. “Your mother put a roof over your heads, they provide you be comforts of home, they gave you life. They help in your everyday life and that is deserving of respect that you owe to them,” he said.


Source: The Daily Herald