Motorcade held for two Idol champions

ST. EUSTATIUS–A motorcade was held on Sunday evening for returning champions Ishn Courtar and Z’Dijah Romney. Ishn Courtar won the Junior Division of the Third Interscholastic Idol Competition on St. Maarten. Z’dijah Romney ended first runner-up in the Senior Division.

The event took place on Saturday in the tent at Port de Plaisance Resort and Casino with singers from St. Maarten, St. Eustatius, Curaçao, Anguilla, St. Kitts, and for the first time this year also from Saba.

This is the third time that Interscholastic Idol Competition has been held, and each time the island of Statia has placed in the competition. The duo were in the custody of teacher Christina Timber-Glover. They took part and won the Methodist Competition in the Junior and Senior Divisions, which allowed them opportunity to take part in the 3rd Interscholastic Idol Competition.

Sunday morning Courtar arrived on a WINAIR flight and was met by his family, friends and his vocal coach and trainer Gittens-Roosberg. The bouquet of flowers presented to him by Gittens went directly to his guardian “Nana” as he affectionately calls her, as it was her birthday. A joyous Gittens-Roosberg extended her congratulations on her students’ accomplishments.

Commissioner Charles Woodley was also at F.D. Roosevelt Airport to extend his congratulations and to pause for a picture with young Courtar.

Later that same day the other prize winner Romney arrived and was welcomed by a large group awaiting her arrival, after which a motorcade for the two young singers commenced.

Source: The Daily Herald