Motorists can use old plates without repercussions until new ones arrive | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–As the 2020 number plates have not yet arrived in the country, motorists who have paid their 2020 motor vehicle tax are allowed to use their current number plates without repercussion until the new plates become available, the Ministry of Finance said in a press release on Tuesday.

  The deadline for the payment of motor vehicle (road) tax has been extended to Friday, March 13, almost two weeks after the February 28 deadline stipulated by law.     

  Motorists have a number of options to pay their 2020 vehicle tax. Payment can be made at the Receiver’s Office at the Government Building in Philipsburg or at the Public Service Centre (PSC) in Simpson Bay. Payment can be made in cash, by cheque or by MAESTRO bank card.

  Payments can also be made via the bank by either using the bank’s on-line payment system or by visiting the bank and depositing the funds into the appropriate account. At RBC Royal Bank payments can be made into government’s guilder account number 8200000005425048 or the US dollars account number 8200000403930461. At Windward Islands Bank (WIB), payment can be made to the guilder account number 324800-03 or US dollars account number 324800-05

  Motorists who have paid their 2020 vehicle tax via the bank are urged to visit the Receiver’s Office at the Government Building in Philipsburg or the PSC in Simpson Bay three working days after making payment.

  They should go to the kiosk and select “Receivers” followed by “online payment,” then proceed to window “A” and present their proof of payment made via the bank along with the original valid insurance, valid inspection of the vehicle and their 2019 motor vehicle tax payment receipt to obtain the 2020 receipt. The 2020 receipt should be kept in the vehicle as evidence of payment in the event that the motorist is asked by the police to produce it. For recently-purchased vehicles, the bill of sale is required.

Source: The Daily Herald