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COLE BAY–Motorworld’s impressive showroom in Cole Bay provided the backdrop for the traditional St. Maarten Heineken Regatta sponsor party on Tuesday evening, making this venue one of the best to date for the party and whetting the appetite for the 39th edition just around the corner, from February 28 to March 3.

  It was no coincidence that Motorworld was hosting the party attended by more than 100 guests in its showroom, as it is the latest corporate sponsor to join the Regatta juggernaut. Never mind that guests were brandishing Heineken bottles in the midst of expensive new cars.

  The company is keen to make its mark and showed off the 2019 Hyundai Creta presented by Marketing Manager Jacqueline Louis that a lucky person can win in the Rotary raffle for the cost of a US $10 ticket.


  In an effort towards the event’s “Green” initiatives, part of the proceeds of the raffle will go towards sustainability efforts for the island. The St Maarten Heineken Regatta, working in collaboration with Rotary Club of St. Maarten, Rotary Mid Isle, and Motorworld, will sell raffle tickets to raise funds for a beach-cleaning vehicle, an initiative launched last year by Rotary.

  Sponsors were presented with this year’s framed regatta poster. Finance Minister Perry Geerlings accepted on behalf of the St. Maarten Government.

  “Throughout the past 38 years, few events have had such a profound impact on the economy and on tourism in St. Maarten as the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, organised each year by the St. Maarten Yacht Club,” said Geerlings in his address. “In fact, few events held in St. Maarten attract over 5,000 visitors to the island who stay with us for an average of seven nights.

  “It is, therefore, my pleasure to represent the Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication, the Honourable Stuart Johnson, here this evening, and to convey the sincere thanks of the Government of St. Maarten for your continued dedication to creating an economically sustainable St. Maarten.

  “As Minister of Finance, I am especially pleased to be able to commend the Heineken Regatta Team on your excellent work. Naturally, as Minister of Finance, I love organisations that make us money!

  “The Government of St. Maarten supported by the St. Maarten United Christian Democratic Coalition in Parliament, has committed NAf. 350,000 as the subsidy to the Heineken Regatta. However, our commitment goes beyond that, as the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau is working with the organisers of the Heineken Regatta on ways in which the Bureau can further promote the upcoming Regatta.

  “The goal is to find ways to use this event to convert especially cruise passengers into stayover passengers so that those who may not be able to return for this year’s Heineken Regatta can join us in 2020 when the Heineken Regatta turns 40.”

  St. Maarten Tourism Bureau Director May Ling-Chun in her remarks said she was making sure that journalists and bloggers “will talk about us and know that the island is open for business” during the regatta.

  Motorworld has partnered with the Rotary Club and Rotary Mid Isle and agreed to offer as a grand raffle prize a fully loaded 2019 Hyundai Creta, the features of which were presented by Marketing Manager Jacqueline Louis.

  John Caputo explained the purpose of the fundraising is to clean the island’s beaches. “Rotary and SHTA have raised US $100,000, but we are short of $25,000,” he said. “I’m sure with your help we can raise that amount.”

  Regatta founder Robbie Ferron in brief remarks credited St. Maarten Yacht Club for the tremendous effort it put in to organise the regatta in 2018 after Hurricane Irma.

  Among the sponsors, or their representatives, who received the framed regatta posters were Motorworld Managing Director Tariq Amjad, United Telecommunications Services (UTS) Marketing Manager Michanou Arrundell, Heineken Brand Manager Hannie Seefat, Windward Roads Human Resources Manager Sabrina Zorilla, and Obersi Xerox. Not all sponsors were present.

  “Motorworld is extremely proud to partner with the St Maarten Heineken Regatta to host the 39th edition of the Regatta,” said Amjad. “The Regatta has long been a major contributor to our local tourism-based economy, which is essential for our island’s sustainability.

  “The added effort to raise funds to ensure that our beaches are kept clean showcases our joint interest in the quality of our natural environment. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we agreed to sponsor a new 2019 fully-loaded Hyundai Creta as the grand prize for the raffle. With the raffle funds going towards a great cause, this is the type of ‘Serious Fun’ that we truly enjoy!”

  Raffle tickets can be purchased for $10 per ticket at St. Maarten Yacht Club, Motorworld, Island 92 and at Rotary events.

  The evening was emceed by Island 92’s Jeffrey “Dr. Soc” Sochrin.

Source: The Daily Herald