Movement on French side without authorization risks 135 euro fine | THE DAILY HERALD

Préfète Déléguée Sylvie Feucher joins Gendarmes controlling motorists at the Agrément roundabout on Tuesday. Movement is forbidden on the French side unless you have an exemption permit (downloadable from the Préfecture’s website) to explain why you need to be out on the road. Feucher said Gendarmes gave polite reminders on the first day but fines can be expected for non-complaince. (Préfecture photo)


MARIGOT—Unauthorised movement on the French side, without the required personal exemption document, is punishable by a 135 euro fine as of Wednesday, citizens are reminded.  The regulation applies to Dutch-side residents as well. Gendarmes were already giving warnings to motorists on Tuesday.

  Circulation on the French-side is forbidden, as per the reinforced measures announced by the President of the Republic on Tuesday.  Movement is allowed in the following instances and when in possession of one of the two personal documents:  to travel to work if working at home is not possible, to go shopping for basic necessities in establishments that are authorized to remain open, to go to the doctor, to carry out child care or to help vulnerable persons with the strict hygiene measures to defend against the virus, to exercise, preferably with your children, near your home and not in the company of others.

  The two documents, one personal and one professional, can be downloaded from the Facebook page of the Préfecture of St. Martin and St. Barths. A new document must be filled in for each time you go out.

Source: The Daily Herald