MP Marlin-Romeo calls for increased border control

PHILIPSBURG–Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Leona Marlin-Romeo said on Thursday she has serious concerns about the level of security and effectiveness of controls at the country’s borders.

While she did not outline the reasons for her concerns, the MP, who is contesting the September 26 Parliamentary Election with the United People’s (UP) party, said controls “must be approached structurally and should include further education for law enforcement agents on border control.”
Drafting of proper legislation to amend existing laws for even greater relationships between the French and Dutch and the proper use of technology and investment in equipment to ensure effective control is needed.
The MP plans to seriously look at possible legislation to strengthen the reach of authorities when policing the country’s borders.
“Government must do more to ensure that there is a clear picture of persons moving through our borders,” she said, adding this must be strict, but should be executed without any discriminatory tactics.
“Security and border control is very important because we ought to know who and what is actually entering our country,” she said.
Romeo-Marlin was also critical of the education system. She intends to propose new legislation to revamp the education system and strengthen the curriculum to allow children a greater chance of being prepared for the next chapter in their lives after school on St. Maarten.
The MP has “grave concerns” about the high percentage of the youth unemployment number. Nine per cent of the country’s population is unemployed and 26 per cent are youths or young adults. “This is unacceptable for our economy that has so much potential.”
She also intends to propose the legislation and a motion to enable the unemployment pool be trained effectively and efficiently.

Source: Daily Herald
MP Marlin-Romeo calls for increased border control