MPC expects better final results after re-sit exams

SOUTH REWARD–The preliminary final exam results for Milton Peters College (MPC) show that the school’s TKL and PKL/PBL streams are on track to perform better than last year.

However, the school’s General Director Wim de Visser believes that the higher academic streams such as HAVO and VWO could have performed much better.

“What I see is that we have a lot of students who need to do an additional exam in the forthcoming week (second period) to graduate. More than in other academic years, we have students that need this additional chance,” De Visser said on Friday after perusing the school’s preliminary results.

“This is why we see a lower percentage of students in the HAVO and VWO departments that graduated straight away (pass outright). We hope that the ultimate outcome will be around 70 to 75 per cent for these departments. That makes the result in comparison to last year somewhat lower.”

There are a total of 18 students in the school’s VWO department this year compared to 12 last year. All VWO students graduated last year. An estimated eight or nine of the VWO students passed their exams outright this year.

When it comes to the school’s TKL and PKL/PBL departments, educators expect better result than last year’s. “A fair good amount of students already graduated (passed outright). However, many more will follow after the second period, he said.

For TKL, department, the school expects the ultimate result around the 65 to 70 per cent mark and for the PKL/PBL a bit higher.

“All in all, I am satisfied with the VSBO Departments and I am a bit disappointed for the VWO Department and the HAVO students. I am proud of our students and again we have a lot of students who will have great possibilities for further study and work,” he said.

The final exam results are expected to be available by July 4.

Source: Daily Herald
MPC expects better final results after re-sit exams