MPC students appreciate Dutch Marine Corps visit

SOUTH REWARD–Members of the Dutch Marine Corps were special guests of Milton Peters College on Tuesday. The Marines gave demonstrations, lectures and had a showcase on campus.

  New Commander of the Dutch Marines in St. Maarten Paul Degroot said the first session was to display their equipment, including machinery, weapons and means of transportation.

  “This is a chance for students to see the equipment we have and they are very impressed, because they don’t usually get to hold weapons like these. We also provided live drills and the students got to see the Marines in action,” stated Commander Degroot.

  The groups of students who attended the sessions were mainly the second- and third-formers. On Wednesday, the Marines in close collaboration with students were to conduct a beach clean-up at Kim Sha Beach. 

Marines during their live drill.

Student with Marine on school campus on Tuesday.


Source: The Daily Herald