MPC to strengthen communication and better grades, focus on team building | THE DAILY HERALD

Members of the Lions Club greet an MPC student as she enters the school compound.

From left: MPC VSBO/TKL Department Head Raymond Romney, HAVO/VWO Department Head Naomi Richardson and PKL Department Head/MPC and Sundial School Acting General Director Vital Carty.

Students’ bags being checked upon entering MPC.

SOUTH REWARD–Strengthening communication at all levels, improving and stabilising exam results, team building and stimulating more parental involvement are amongst the areas that Milton Peters College (MPC) plans to focus on for the just-opened academic year.

The plans were shared with The Daily Herald by MPC and Sundial School Acting General Director/PKL Head Vital Carty, HAVO/VWO Department Head Naomi Richardson and VSBO/TKL Department Head Raymond Romney shortly after school reopened on Monday.

Students attending school received a warm welcome from members of the Lions Club, who stood outside MPC in the morning hours, shook hands with students and shared an encouraging message as they entered the compound. The school reopened with classes at the VSBO/TKL and PKL Departments full. However, there were still spaces for a few more students in the HAVO/VWO Department.

Carty said the school wants to encourage students to develop a habit of studying well in advance of an exam and not wait until the last minute.

“Most of the time, students wait until last minute to study,” Romney added. “We want to train them from the beginning to start studying from early because they get the entire year programme and they can start making a plan on how they will study. We also expect the same from parents as well. We don’t want parents to come to the school only when there is a report card.”

Carty added that students should start preparing for their future because this is the reason they are in high school. Carty wants parents to understand that the school is not there to babysit children, but to educate them.

Richardson urged parents to make use of the school’s student tracking system “Sontoday.” She urged parents to log on to see their child(ren)’s grades, homework, remarks from teachers and other notification. Parents who are logged on to the system will also be notified whenever something is keyed into the system.

One of the major challenges last year was engaging and motivating students and keeping them motivated throughout the schoolyear, an area on which the school also intends to on. “This is a challenge we face on a daily basis – getting them to prepare and to put structure in the way they study. We plan to continue with that. Getting them engaged is an important thing right now.”

Another challenge is the additional strain caused as a result of the retirement of General Director Wim de Visser. Carty is currently acting in the position, in addition to his regular duties.

Richardson underscored the importance of students having something to eat in the morning before they attend school, even if it’s a cup of tea. Too many students attend school on an empty stomach, she said.

The school thanked the Lions Club for their warm welcome of students on Monday. “The start-up of the new school year has gone well so far,” Carty said.

Source: The Daily Herald