MPs meet with SZV as part of orientation | THE DAILY HERALD

Representatives of Parliament and SZV

PHILIPSBURG–Members of Parliament (MPs) participated in an informative meeting with Social and Health Insurances SZV at the office of the insurance service provider on Friday.

The session was part of orientation for new MPs. The goal of this meeting was to provide MPs with information in an effort to better equip them in the execution of their duties, as stated in a press release. It was also aimed at gaining a better understanding of the structure of SZV, its relationship with government and Parliament and SZV’s current plans.

The meeting began with a PowerPoint presentation by SZV Director Glen Carty outlining the history of the insurance service provider and the transition of this institution since 10-10-10, including the accomplishments and challenges. The presentation also contained information about what type of institution SZV really is; the legislation it executes; the relationship with the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour VSA and Parliament; recent developments; (future) bottlenecks with proposals for resolution; financial sustainability of SZV; customer experience enhancement; and well-being and prevention. Several of SZV’s team members provided information during the presentation as well. Also present were the members of SZV’s Supervisory Council.

MPs were able to pose questions and make remarks during the presentation and exchange views with the SZV team on the current challenges SZV faces and its future plans.

   At the end of the meeting, Chairperson of Parliament MP Rolando Brison thanked the entire SZV team for hosting Parliament and for “the insightful presentation” and “fruitful discussion.” Brison also expressed his intention to organise similar meetings in the coming weeks with key institutions, in an effort for (new) MPs to obtain first-hand technical information from “some of the most crucial institutions” in the country.

Source: The Daily Herald