MPs, Ministers talking project priority today

PHILIPSBURG–The Council of Ministers is in Parliament today, Thursday, for a discussion with Members of Parliament (MPs) about setting priorities for project funding in the reconstruction phase post-Hurricane Irma. The urgent sitting in Parliament House started at 10:00am.

  The advice on changes to the composition of several permanent and ad hoc committees of Parliament is also on the agenda.

  The Central Committee meeting with Education Minister Silveria Jacobs about Government’s general position and decision on University of St. Martin (USM) will continue at 2:00pm.

  Parliament will sit in a plenary public session at 4:00pm with Justice Minister/Prime Minister Rafael Boasman on the draft National Ordinance containing general regulations concerning administrative enforcement of legal stipulations (National Ordinance on administrative enforcement). The meeting was originally scheduled for Monday, but there was no quorum.

  All three sessions are open to the public. Attendees are reminded to have valid photo identification.

  The sessions will be carried live on St. Maarten Cable TV Channel 120, Pearl Radio FM 98.1, SXMGOV Radio 107.9 FM, , and of St. Maarten. 

Source: The Daily Herald