MPs talk more on garbage, but no immediate solution in sight | THE DAILY HERALD


PHILIPSBURG–The subject of how to tackle the country’s solid-waste-management crisis was yet again in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.
While several Members of Parliament (MPs) gave suggestions to government about possible law changes – implementation of an environment tax and the banning of plastic bags – and questioned how the World Bank-administered Dutch Recovery trust fund will help to tackle “Mount Dump,” nothing much in the way of immediate solutions was brought forward.

The Central Committee meeting was the continuation of one started in February. A new Parliament has taken office since then, although with some of the same MPs.
At the start of the sitting that saw the attendance of Environment and Infrastructure Minister Miklos Giterson and Acting Public Health Minister Cornelius de Weever, the session had to be adjourned for MPs to review the 22 pages of answers received from ministers in February.
The total package was some 500 pages, including several reports. The meeting had to be suspended to give old and new MPs time to review the documents reviewed by Parliament four months ago. First-time MPs were sworn in on April 2.
MPs posed a barrage of new questions to the ministers about the situation with the “cancerous tumour,” as one referred to the dump, and about the plans to end the crisis spurred on by constant fires belching thick black smoke.
Ministers are to return to Parliament with answers to the questions posed by MPs for the continuation of this urgent sitting on Tuesday afternoon, June 19.

Source: The Daily Herald