MPs to meet on quartermaster, parliament committees this week

PHILIPSBURG–Members of Parliament (MPs) will meet on several issues this week.

Chairperson of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams told reporters on Monday that, given the importance of parliamentary committees being up and running, parliament will have to ratify the composition of its various committees. Once the composition of the committees has been ratified, the committees will be able to meet and appoint a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from amongst committee members. This process is expected to take place during a meeting this Friday.

Today, Tuesday, January 24, Erasmus University Rotterdam Professor Dr. Wynand van de Ven will be making a presentation on National Health Insurance (NHI) to MPs in a meeting of the Central Committee of Parliament at 2:00pm. Wescot-Williams said the session will be a closed-door one.

Van de Ven and members of the St. Maarten NHI workgroup will be present for this meeting. Van de Ven arrived in the country on Sunday for a series of consultations and meetings on NHI as part of the NHI week of activities that began on Monday, and will continue until this Friday with various meetings and a two-day conference.

Wescot-Williams said also that as Chairperson of Parliament she has requested that the appointment of a quartermaster be put on the agenda for debate in Parliament. This meeting will be held on Thursday, January 26.

Wescot-Williams said as Chairperson of Parliament, she can use her discretion to convene meetings of parliament, and this is what she has done to bring this matter up for discussion. Prime Minister William Marlin has been invited to Parliament for the discussion.

Source: The Daily Herald