Multiple navigational buoys installed in Sandy Ground | THE DAILY HERALD

Unloading of one of the buoys.

ANGUILLA–Eight navigational buoys fitted with red and green lights were installed last week to mark the entry into Sandy Ground harbour towards the pier. This was done to ensure the safe manoeuvring of vessels entering and departing from the port. The buoys were funded by the UK Government Maritime Coastguard Agency through the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund programme.

The buoys were installed through the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Anguilla Maritime Administration and Shipping Registry, the Air and Sea Ports Authority, the Governor’s Office and the Department of Natural Resources. Staff of the Mr. Ray vessel assisted in the installation.Minister of Infrastructure Haydn Hughes said, “We recognise the importance of safe navigation in our waters as boating is a significant part of Anguilla’s culture. The deployment of these navigational buoys contributes to safe operations at the ports and also assists Anguilla with meeting its international maritime compliance standards. As such, we appreciate the partnership established with the UK Government to advance maritime safety in Anguilla.”

This initiative forms part of the Anguilla Maritime Administration and Shipping Registry’s strategic plan for improving the safe operation of all vessels entering, leaving and transiting the waters of Anguilla. In the upcoming weeks, navigational buoys will also be deployed at the Blowing Point Port Facility.

Source: The Daily Herald