Musique Malinké at Axum Café tonight | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Axum Art Café is adding more cultural experiences to Philipsburg at night with “Musique Malinké” – a night of music from the African country of Guinea tonight starting at 9:00pm.

  Guinean Souleyman Camara will share his talent on the Kora, a 21-string lute-bridge-harp made from a large calabash. The kora is popular in West Africa. Symbolic of Mandingo culture, this traditional instrument can be transformed into an electric instrument. It is found in different musical genres such as electro, hip hop and reggae.

  Camara will be joined by Frenchman Julien Seguret on percussions.

  Camara, who arrived on the island three months ago, not only plays the kora, he also sings and composes music. Seguret is a percussionist who is very well known to music lovers on the island. Musique Malinké will be their debut concert.

  Menelik Arnell of Axum Art Café said this the first in a concert series that aims to expose music from across the Atlantic Ocean to the island. It is also an event geared at bringing some nightlife back to town late at night. “Don’t miss this unique event taking place at Axum Art café,” Arnell said.

  Entrance fee for the concert is US $10 payable at the door.

Source: The Daily Herald