Mussington: Ministers must give answers to important issues


Opposition Councillor and President of Movement for Justice and Prosperity (MJP) Louis Mussington.


MARIGOT–Opposition Councillor and President of Movement for Justice and Prosperity (MJP) Louis Mussington says he hopes the visit on Monday, March 5, of four Ministers from the French Government will give answers to some of the most important issues post- Irma in St. Martin.


Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on his official visit noted one or more Ministers will come to St. Martin every two months to examine and evaluate the State’s efforts to rebuild the territory.

“There are a few points which I feel are essential to be addressed by the government,” Mussington said. “Following the passage of Hurricane Irma, the island is currently in a unique, critical and exceptional situation.

Many families find themselves in total social despair. The question that arises is whether there will be a strong gesture by the State or Collectivité towards these families as part of the plan to rebuild public infrastructure.

“Will the Minister of Action and Public Accounts be able to inform us about the matter of compensation for charges, and will he announce the government’s position? It should be recalled that part one of the signed protocol provides for a decision by the government after the Territorial Accounting Chamber (CTC) and Court of Auditors have given their opinion which will facilitate the re-examination of the compensation not received, or underestimated, for the transfers of competence between 2007 and 2012.

“Part two of the signed protocol also mentions the treatment of the debt relating to the Revenue Solidarité Active (RSA) benefit after the setting up of a working group bringing together the State, Community and Caisse d’ Allocation Familiale (CAF). Here too, there is reason to wonder about progress on this issue.

“Finally, it would be interesting to know whether the issue of education in St. Martin will be discussed during the meeting with the members of the Executive Council. How long will this inappropriate rotation system for schools last in Grand Case and Sandy Ground?

When is the repair of damaged classrooms due? As we all know, Irma has undermined the financial situation of many families and as a result, a significant number of them will no longer be able to afford to pay for their children’s studies abroad.

“I hope that the government we have supported and will continue to support will not only come to St. Martin to carry out controls, but also and above all to provide concrete answers to our various concerns.”

Source: The Daily Herald