‘MV Jimmy’ to provide ferry services to Statia | THE DAILY HERALD

Ruvin Pandt (left) and owner Jeffrey Lewis standing on deck of MV Jimmy as it enters Orange Bay harbour.

 EUSTATIUS–Motor Vessel (MV) Jimmy may start providing ferry services to and from St. Eustatius and neighbouring islands in the (near) future. The 16-seat vessel arrived from St. Maarten on Friday afternoon, watched by a crowd of onlookers gathered at Orange Bay harbour.

  Jeffrey “Jeff” Lewis is the owner of the ferry with registration number NE24, which left St. Maarten around 10:30am and arrived around 1:15pm. He said that after experiencing Hurricane Irma last year, the importance of having the ability to have a boat at your disposal had become clear.

  Lewis said this particular type of vessel was chosen, because “I for sure do not like getting wet when travelling by boat, so the type of vessel was clear, as well as decent speed to reduce travel time; that is also important.”

  He stated that the benefit of having the opportunity for steady commuting between the islands is worth a try. “There are many plans already lined out for this vessel, so we are working hard to get it ready for the task ahead,” Lewis said.

  The vessel was named Jimmy in honour of his late grandfather Jimmy Lewis.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/82278-mv-jimmy-to-provide-ferry-services-to-statia