MYF opens new location in Statia | THE DAILY HERALD

Lots of serious fun during the open days of Mega D Youth Foundation at its new premises on Schrupon Road.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Popcorn, chicken, open spaces and well-behaved children – sounds like an impossible mix? Not for the last two weeks during which Mega D Youth Foundation (MYF) has organised open days for its new premises on Schrupon Road.

  “With an acre of green space, the new location is superb for kids to play games, get help with their homework or just communicate with each other,” said foundation founder Dion “Mega D” Humphreys. “Whereas our open days have focussed on the play element of our guardianship, next week the real programme of serious fun and serious coaching with schoolwork gets underway.”

  MYF is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year. Supported by a team of 13 staffers and volunteers, it looks after just over 80 children and youths from seven years old to 17-plus.

  “Arriving daily by school bus at noon, the kids are lunched, coached and provided with a zone for personal development,” said Mega D. “It was not difficult making the big move from Upper Town. The kids helped us. They colour-painted walkway stones in the vast garden, set up tables and moved equipment.

  “We always give them a pep talk on their arrival and instead of us laying down the rules, we let them brainstorm how they want to make it or break it. Their ideas are often very wise and they share their own boundaries. It is all very grown-up.

  “Our open days were very successful and we are confident that our larger house has now become a much larger home.”

Source: The Daily Herald