MYF shows children ‘their’ Statia’s history

Monuments Director and historian Walter Hellebrand (left) with Mega D Youth Foundation’s children on the island-history tour.


ST. EUSTATIUS–Mega D Youth Foundation (MYF) took a group of 45 children on a historical-quiz tour of St. Eustatius as part of their summer camp programme.

  “The theme this year is ‘Statia’ and the idea is to give the children a vacation experience on their own island. A guided tour is part of all that,” MYF’s Dion “Mega D” Humphreys explained.

  The tour attracted a lot of attention as it passed through Oranjestad, Concordia, Golden Rock and Lower Town, since MYF hired a trailer normally used during Carnival parades to transport all the children. In between all the information given to them there was catchy music to sing along.

  Monuments Director and local historian Walter Hellebrand was the tour guide for the occasion. He related the events that happened at the sites as they passed by.

  At MYF’s request, he put together a quiz for the children with questions about the sites they passed and about the adventures that happened there in the past.

  There were separate quizzes for the younger children and another one for the older ones. Three groups had to battle it out with their answers at the end of the tour at the harbour platform. Competition was fierce and a tie-breaker question had to decide which group won.

  “It was such a great idea to highlight all the history that is still visible through our monuments outside Oranjestad. We have our wonderful historical core, but if you leave town another part of our island’s history comes to life,” Hellebrand said.

Source: The Daily Herald