NA Board says UP has awaken from slumber

PHILIPSBURG–National Alliance (NA) Board said in a press statement it is happy to see United People’s (UP) party leader Member of Parliament (MP) Theo Heyliger and the UP Board “have awaken from their slumber” and have expressed concerns about the people of St. Maarten.

  The NA Board said, “It is just a shame that this concern does not show itself when the UPP party is in the Executive Branch of Government. It is also a shame the way the UPP leader tries to mislead the people of St. Maarten.”

  NA Board said the Coalition of Eight has already made some positive steps and “not as is customary with the UPP leader that his ‘projects’ only benefit the selected few. We also understand his fear as he understands that the current direction of this Government will open the eyes of the people so that they realize that the role of government is not to serve the few but to serve the masses.”
  The NA Board questioned, “Is the UPP Leader afraid that the people will realize that Government is supposed to be transparent and Government is not meant to be driven by under the table deals that only comes to light when the deal is done and the people of St. Maarten are left holding the bag?”

  The Coalition has “already exposed the secret deal with the hospital,” said the NA Board. “As it is customary with the UPP leader, the money is ready to be spent but the plans on how this money would be paid back and how the people of St. Maarten would benefit is still unknown. There was no bid, imagine spending 100 million dollars which is almost half of our yearly budget without having a bid.”

   Further, the NA Board questioned, “How did the UPP intend to repay SZV [Social and Health Insurance] the 100 million dollars? Was the medical tourism wing a gift to some unknown persons? … In fact, any responsible government would have negotiated with an investor before making this plan. We see this as another glaring example of a typical UPP deal.”

  Heyliger should take note of the process being followed by Public Health Minister Emil Lee for the hospital project, said the NA Board. Lee has embarked on a process that is “transparent and outlines a clear path on the exact cost, quality and payback options. So there is a way to undertake large projects in a manner that is not hidden from the public.” The Board said this is “proper government under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister William Marlin.”

  The Coalition of Eight is in the process of presenting a budget with a surplus “in spite of the mismanagement of funds by the UPP led Government. Now, the UPP leader wants the public to investigate the funds from the government-owned water distribution company,” the NA Board said.

  The NA Board said it wonders where Heyliger’s concern for GEBE was when he proposed GEBE take a loan of an estimated NAf 700 million. “Wouldn’t this loan have damaged GEBE or is it so that the UPP leader feels only he is allowed to damage governmentowned companies.”

  The NA Board said all government actions in the government-owned companies should be scrutinized and should start with St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies.

  The Board said, “It is not becoming of a leader to be playing the victim and seeking pity from the people of St. Maarten when it is not warranted. The constant ‘the Dutch coming to get us’ is getting a bit tiring. If the UPP Leader was to run his government in a transparent manner with less signs of corruption and nepotism, in a way that benefits all the people of St. Maarten, he would not have to worry about the Dutch.”

Source: The Daily Herald NA Board says UP has awaken from slumber