NA ready for 10 seats for four stable years in Govt.

PHILIPSBURG–“Ten seats for four stable years” is the aim of the National Alliance (NA). Party leader Prime Minister William Marlin said people are “tired of changes” in government and NA has the solution with a list of 23 candidates.

  Those candidates will be the ones representing the people in Parliament and in the Council of Ministers, Marlin said after his party’s slate was submitted to the Main Voting Bureau.
  “We are a party that accomplishes for the people,” Marlin said.
  Marlin heads the list followed by deputy leader Education Minister Silveria Jacobs, George Pantophlet, Christophe Emmanuel, Rodolphe Samuel, Hyacinth Richardson, Henrietta Doran-York, Richard Gibson, Ardwell Iron, Cedric Peterson, Romeo Pantophlet, Louie Laveist, Jimmy Challenger, Elvis Flanders, Rene Violenus, Nicardo McQuilkin, Jennifer Richardson, Robert Budike, Henry Salomons, Narda de Windt, Oswald Bell, Sau Ying Steeman and Herbert Martina. 

Source: Daily Herald
NA ready for 10 seats for four stable years in Govt.