NA requests correspondence between govt., SXM Shipyard | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Given “the conflicting information” regarding SXM Shipyard NV being delinquent in paying government in excess of NAf. 1.2 million in long-lease land fees owed over a period of twelve years, members of the National Alliance (NA) faction have requested “all pertinent correspondence” between SXM Shipyard and government from December 2018 to now.

NA Members of Parliament (MPs) said in a brief press statement on Thursday that they hope the correspondence will give them some more insight into this issue, “as it is important that they seek answers for the citizens of St. Maarten, as they are the ones that are ultimately affected by it.”

The NA MPs requested that the information be sent no later than Wednesday, August 28. NA said the House of Parliament has been buzzing for the past few months about many important issues, including the topic of long-lease land. During these discussions, it was brought to light that SXM Shipyard NV had failed to pay its long-lease land fees to the government for more than a decade, the faction said in the release.

Source: The Daily Herald