NAf 700 million to limit damage | THE DAILY HERALD


WILLEMSTAD –The government of Curaçao has submitted an emergency aid request of almost 700 million Antillean guilders to the Netherlands, to help absorb the worst impact of the coronavirus on the island.

  Some NAf 300 million guilders of this is for the “emergency package” on jobs, the economy and social resilience.

  Without an early capital injection, up to 60 per cent of the people will be unemployed, according to Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath. The island that relies heavily on tourism revenues – nearly a third of its gross national product – closed its borders. According to Rhuggenaath, the local economy has practically come to a standstill. At least 73,000 persons work directly or indirectly in the hospitality industry. That is almost half of the total population.

  Minister of Social Affairs Hensley Koeiman promised every resident who lost his or her job after March 15 a compensation of NAf 1,000 per month. Last Sunday Curaçao experienced a 24-hour lockdown for the first time. The island already had a curfew. Except for hospital staff and people working in other essential sectors, no one had been allowed to take to the street.

  During the week motorists can only go out two days based on their vehicle number plates.

 So far, thirteen people have been tested positive for Covid-19. Five of them have recovered from the disease. One person died.

Source: The Daily Herald