NAGICO picked to insure Justice Ministry personnel

PHILIPSBURG–Insurance company NAGICO has won the bid to protect all personnel in the Justice Ministry. The coverage is for life, accident and disability insurance for the staff of the Ministry, including those who are part of the Justice administration sectors.

On Thursday, the Council of Ministers (CoM) gave the go ahead to Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo to use funds to pay the insurer to get the process started. The first phase will focus on insuring the uniformed services while the second phase will add the administrative staff.

This newspaper understands that NAGICO charged an estimated NAf. 231,000 to cover 550 personnel against a pay-out of NAf. 182,000. For a pay-out of NAf. 200,000 the cost for the insurance policy will be NAf. 35.00 per worker monthly, which equates to a total of NAf. 420.00 per year per employee. Coverage for all 550 justice personnel is estimated to cost the Ministry NAf. 19,250 monthly.

While in Parliament last month Kirindongo told Members of Parliament (MPs) that NAf. 200,000 will be paid out to families of justice workers who lose their lives in “normal death.” Those who lose their lives in or are dismembered through accidents will also receive NAf. 200,000.

In the event a worker dies by any other cause, the member will be covered, even if they lose their lives overseas while working for the Ministry. The families will receive a full amount of NAf. 400,000. Workers who pass away abroad while on vacation or travelling will also be covered but their families will receive a maximum of NAf. 200,000.

Police Unions have been keen about getting this insurance regulated for their members and have been working with the Justice Ministry to iron out issues with the insurance company. The first phase will be implemented as soon as possible and the Minister expects to have the first phase ready to go before elections in September.

Source: Daily Herald
NAGICO picked to insure Justice Ministry personnel