National representative for Scouts and Guides on visit

MARIGOT–Délégué National for Scouts and Guides of France in the overseas territories, Christian Larcher, was recently on island for a week to assist the local Scouts and Guides of St. Martin in its development and to address various issues and difficulties and put forward proposals.

Territorial Délégué Jules Joe noted for a year now since last year’s camp the club has experienced somewhat of a slump in activity and interest.

“Christian is here to see how we can invigorate scouting on the island and give it a punch to get it going again,” said Joe. “It’s been almost dormant. He is going to give us some guidelines and we’ll start recruiting again. What we really need is leaders to help us with the children, and they will be trained to work with them.”

Larcher said he understood it is difficult in St. Martin to find adult scouts. He thought this was unusual since scouting prospers in all the neighbouring islands. One solution he said is to create more awareness of scouting in the schools and secondly to send a voluntary specialist in scouting to come to St. Martin from France to motivate the youth.

The latter option has worked well in Mayotte for example with very good results.

“In one year we recruited 150 youngsters in three groups in one year, and in French Guiana we had similar good results,” he disclosed. “But it’s the adults that need motivating because the children are waiting for them.”

Joe added with the amount of crime and the dangers children can be susceptible to, it was more important than ever to get the scouting movement going again, to teach core values, discipline and skills.

“Joining the scouts will make you a better person tomorrow,” he indicated.

Larcher noted other members of his delegation have visited Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, and Réunion Island.

Source: The Daily Herald National representative for Scouts and Guides on visit