National Service of Celebration for Pastor Davis Lloyd and wife Matile | THE DAILY HERALD

From left, Pastor Davis Lloyd, Joan Hodge (daughter), Pastor Gareth Hodge and Lucien McDonna.

 ANGUILLA–Hundreds of family, friends, government officials and many faith and ministry representatives came together at the Royal Caribbean Hotel, on September 30, to honour and celebrate Pastor Davis Lloyd and his spouse of many years, Matile (Dar) Lloyd, on the eve of his 85th birthday. Speaker after speaker took turns at the podium to recap his wide-ranging contributions to Anguilla starting at a very young age. His accomplishments ranged from participation in the Anguilla Revolution, to involvement in governmental agencies, to numerous social and economic ventures, as well as spiritual and pastoral leadership.

  Several speakers offered insight into Lloyd’s legacy over the past decades. Olive Hodge recounted Lloyd’s involvement in the 1966-1969 Anguilla Revolution with activities ranging from the blowing of a conch shell to warn the revolution leaders of incoming police, to hoisting Ronald Webster onto his shoulders during a protest movement to enable his to address the authorities. A painting of this event hangs in the Clayton Lloyd International Airport.

  Fabian Marcel Fahie spoke of Lloyd’s appointment to the first Social Security Board in 1981, attributing his experience and reasoning values to shaping the success of the current Anguilla Social Security System. Elliott Harrigan covered examples of Lloyd’s contributions to the island’s social and economic development, to include building two schooners which took salt to Trinidad, and brought food, building supplies and general cargo back to the island. He and his wife opened a supermarket where it was said that they gave away more food than they sold. He was also a contributor to Anguilla’s national sport – boat racing.

  Quincy Gumbs ended the summary of Lloyd’s legacy by highlighting his 47 years of serving the island’s spiritual needs from one end of the island to the other. He established the Hill Top Baptist church in Island Harbour, in 1969, and it continues today under the succeeding pastor’s son-in-law, Pastor Gareth Hodge. Franklin Kelly Richardson added that throughout this multi-faceted journey, his wife Matile was by his side supporting him all the way.

  Tributes were paid by the Anguilla Christian Council, the Anguilla Evangelical Association, the Anguilla Social Security Board and the Anguilla Development Board, and letters of appreciation read from Pam Webster, elected representative from Island Harbour, Governor Tim Foy and Chief Minister Victor Banks.

  The night ended with Lloyd taking to the podium to thank everyone for the tributes to both himself and his wife, followed by dinner and fellowship.

Source: The Daily Herald