Nature Foundation to launch online marine park tag system | THE DAILY HERALD

Diver at the Proselyte dive site in the Marine Park.

COLE BAY–To overcome issues with over-the-counter diver’s tag payment and to profit from new trends in how tourists use the Internet to plan their vacations, St. Maarten Nature Foundation has been working with Reef Support B.V. to develop an online payment system. Nature Foundation is the first to launch this new online system for marine park tags.

Nature Foundation, together with other islands of the Dutch Caribbean, since 1997 has been the worldwide example for charging an environmental user fee to users of the National Marine Parks. The current dive tag system has issues keeping up with demand. Production cost, administration, risk management, and logistics were becoming more and more costly and time consuming.

“The online system will allow visiting divers and other Marine Park users to prepay their tags before arrival to their dive shop. With this system we hope to reduce the efforts of making over-the-counter sales of our Marine Park diver tags. We expect not only to increase revenue, but also to save much of the valuable time of dive operators, whilst we provide our visitors with a modern, fast and easy way to pay their tags,” said Nature Foundation manager Tadzio Bervoets.

“The new system generates a unique tag for each user that is received by the buyer via e-mail. Upon arrival in your dive shop, operators can check for validity through a print version, in the diver’s phone or by simply logging into the system and scanning the Quick Response (QR) code of the tag.

“After an initial marketing effort, dive operators won’t need to sell tags over the counter anymore and it will take only three seconds to check validity of customers’ tags,” stated Reef Support founder and director Ramón de León.

“The help of the dive operators was instrumental in the past to make our diver’s tag a success. We are asking once again for the assistance of the dive operators to introduce this new system, which can only succeed with their help to spread the link of the payment page.

“Dive operators are asked to incorporate the link into their websites, booking systems, and email communications with their customers. As we are trying to reduce our single-use plastics on the island, we are very happy to move to an electronical alternative to substitute the plastic Marine Park tag,” stated Nature Foundation Project Officer Melanie Meijer zu Schlochtern.

The Internet-based payment system is up and running and ready to be used. St Maarten Marine Park tags can now be purchased directly online via .

Source: The Daily Herald