Nature Foundation urges responsible beach use

MULLET BAY–Nature Foundation urges beachgoers to act responsibly by cleaning up after visiting the island’s beaches during the Easter holidays and Carnival festivities.

The Foundation has noticed a large amount of trash being left behind by users of beaches and along the roadsides.

“We noticed a large amount of trash being left behind by beach-goers and revellers alike and want to urge the population to clean up after themselves as any responsible, able-minded and mature citizen of St. Maarten should,” said Nature Foundation Manager Tadzio Bervoets. A large amount of trash was left behind in Simpson Bay after the Causeway Jump-Up, said Bervoets.

“Now that the Easter holidays are near we have seen an increase of trash being left behind on beaches. This especially hurts since we were so busy to ensure that the beaches were clean after the hurricane for people to use, and to see that trash is being left behind is unacceptable,” he said.

The Foundation also called on Government and organizers of events and activities to ensure that there are sufficient waste disposal facilities.

“Patrons who want to dispose of their garbage are sometimes unable to do so because there aren’t enough bins on the roadside or at the beaches or at event locations. Therefore, we are asking that more emphasis is being placed on having proper garbage disposal facilities available during these events,” said Bervoets.

Source: The Daily Herald