Navigation buoys, marine lanterns to be placed in Anguillian waters | THE DAILY HERALD

Personnel involved in the placement of navigation buoys and marine lanterns.ANGUILLA–Plans are being made to place twelve navigation buoys and fifteen solar marine lanterns in Anguillian waters. Officials from the Anguilla Air & Sea Ports Authority (AASPA), the government of Anguilla and the Governor’s Office met on Wednesday, July 22, to discuss plans for the project.Eight of the buoys are to be placed in Sandy Ground and four at Blowing Point. The marine lights will be placed at Island Harbour channel, Anguillita, Shannon Hill and Windward Point. The installation of these navigational aids is expected to significantly help vessel operators manoeuvre safely in and out of Anguilla’s ports.The buoys and lanterns complete with shackles and chains to secure them were funded by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s (MCA’s) Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) project which has been assisting Anguilla and other Overseas Territories towards meeting international maritime compliance standards.

Source: The Daily Herald