Netherlands-based students hold motivational sessions in schools

A scene during one of the motivational sessions.

PHILIPSBURG–Two students from the Netherlands visited St. Maarten August 15-25 to speak to students of primary and secondary schools in an effort to motivate them and impress on them the value of education. The young students are from the group Believe and Achieve (B&A), a new organisation being developed to motivate and mould students. B&A is operated by Maquidu Frevry and Edy Esnat, two youngsters who were born and raised in St. Maarten. While in St. Maarten Frevry and Esnat visited Dr Martin Luther King Jr. School in Dutch Quarter, Ruby Labega School in Retreat Estate and the Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) section of St. Maarten Academy.

  At PSVE, the two motivated and shared tips about studying abroad. At the two primary schools, they set out to motivate and remind pupils about the importance of remaining focused.

  “Believe it and you will achieve it. Your dreams can only be obtained by your present actions and decisions,” the two said in a press release on Sunday. “Whatever you set your mind to, you will accomplish it. However, parents, a powerful child is moulded at home, not in a class. You as parents have an important role in your child’s education. Do not disregard that.”  

Source: The Daily Herald