New casino opens at Porto Cupecoy | THE DAILY HERALD

The new Porto Cupecoy Hotel, Marina and Casino.

~ Creates jobs for about 40 persons ~

CUPECOY–Casino-lovers now have a new playground to try their luck, thanks to the recent soft opening of Porto Cupecoy Hotel, Marina and Casino at Porto Cupecoy.

The glitzy gaming emporium is located at the entrance of the Porto Cupecoy complex. Casino management representative Roy Moes told The Daily Herald on Monday that the casino is a relocation of Starz Casino, which was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017 and will take a while before it can reopen.

While the name of the facility is Porto Cupecoy Hotel, Marina and Casino, Moes explained that the hotel aspect was still being worked on. “The plans of that have not panned out as yet, but this is a relocation of Starz Casino,” he said.

“The Starz Casino has been destroyed by Hurricane Irma and [it will take – Ed.] a whole lot of work to get that back up and we have temporarily moved to this location. We will rebuild Starz, but that is a work in progress and that might take probably another year.”

Management began working on the casino project in December last year and is happy to see it come to fruition with the soft opening, which Moes said had attracted a full house.

The casino’s opening has created employment for 35-40 persons who have been hired in the past months and have undergone training. “We have been working on this project since December of last year. We have been planning and making sure that everything is okay, and in the last three weeks or so it has been fast forwarding and we have been able to open on Friday,” Moes said.

Porto Cupecoy Hotel, Marina and Casino is outfitted with a number of the latest modern slot machines with many games, as well as gaming tables. The casino offers American roulette, blackjack and a number of other options for gamers. Moes said guests will have a chance to win “fabulous prizes.”

Unlike Starz Casino, which was open 24 hours a day, Porto Cupecoy Hotel, Marina and Casino will open from 11:00am to 3:00am, with tables opening from 7:00pm, seven days a week. An official opening ceremony is “still in the works.”

Asked what differentiates this casino from the others that exist, Moes said: “We would like to consider ourselves a luxury casino. It is small, clean and nicely decorated with beautiful decorations. We have beautiful bathrooms in the casino with nice paintings. We target the higher-end clientele.”

Source: The Daily Herald