New Challenges Foundation students get health certifications | THE DAILY HERALD

Project task teacher of the educational school cruise Sjahairah Fleming (extreme left), St. Eustatius Health Department representative Ingrid Houtman (centre), NCF teacher Sara Stone (third right); NCF Director Francine Foe (right), and students displaying their health cards.

  1. EUSTATIUS–New Challenges Foundation (NCF) students recently received their health certifications after completing the necessary training.

NCF teacher Sara Stone said students had received their credentials from the St. Eustatius Health Department under the direction of Ingrid Houtman. Students received food handlers’ certificates.

NCF Project task teacher Sjahairah Fleming said students plan to raise funds to go on an educational school trip. “The students have to put a plan together, execute the plan and, of course, in the end, our students will be able to go on their trip,” Fleming said.

Students are currently engaged in fundraising activities under the name “Taystee Squad”, to raise money for their trip. Chef Nivola van Putten will be working with the students to create different dishes to raise funds. The trip will be an educational cruise set to take place from May 31 to June 7, 2020.

Fleming said the Taystee Squad is doing its utmost to raise the funds. The group will be present at Statia Week of Activities at booth #13. The group will have several tasty goodies on sale.

Source: The Daily Herald