New coalition lasts one day

WILLEMSTAD–A new government was virtually formed in Curaçao during the weekend, but on Monday things suddenly changed again.

Even the nine ministerial posts had already been divided among the prospective governing partners. Two-seat “Pueblo Soberano” (PS) was no longer involved and replaced by one-seat “Un Kòrsou Hustu” (UKH) of Omayra Leeflang, which meant the incoming MAN/PAR/PNP/UKH coalition would have a minimal majority of 11 seats in the 21-seat Parliament.

The next cabinet was to have been headed by Hensley Koeiman of MAN (four seats), which would get the portfolios of General Affairs (Prime Minister), of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, and of Finance.

PAR (then still four seats) was to get those of Public Health, Environment and Nature, of Economic Development and of Social Development, Employment and Wellbeing.

PNP (two seats) was to deliver the Ministers of Transport and Spatial Planning and of Justice, while UKH would have the Minister of Administration, Planning and Service.

However, PAR fraction member Edward Braam, who had been abroad, did not agree and on Monday declared himself an independent parliamentarian, leaving PAR with only three seats and the prospective coalition with a combined 10, one short of a majority. As a result, “Formateur” Kenneth Gijsbertha could not report a successful formation process to Governor Lucille George-Wout as expected.

Source: The Daily Herald