New coconut trees | THE DAILY HERALD

Minister of Spatial Planning and Environment VROMI Miklos Giterson celebrated World Environment Day on Wednesday, June 5, by planting eight coconut trees (Cocos nucifera) along Boardwalk Boulevard and at Walter Plantz Square. Greenfingers N.V. procured the trees and organised the planting that replaces some trees lost in Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Port St. Maarten staff will tend to the trees at the square. Tadzio Bervoets of St. Maarten Nature Foundation was present for the tree planting. The ministry continues to support its environmental-education and awareness-raising campaigns via a service-level agreement with Nature Foundation. The ministry said in a press statement that it looks forward to similar initiatives and cooperation with other non-governmental organisations, businesses and others “to design feasible and ecologically beneficial tree planting schemes.”

Source: The Daily Herald