New coronavirus case on French side, L.C. Fleming Hospital adapts to crisis | THE DAILY HERALD

Louis Constant Fleming Hospital (Robert Luckock photo)


MARIGOT–The Prefecture and health agency ARS in its latest bulletin Tuesday disclosed the French side has one new confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 case. It is understood the patient is a female resident of St. Martin who is isolating at home. A test result is awaited. No further information could be obtained. St. Barths still has two confirmed cases who are confined to their home.

  Meanwhile, Louis Constant Fleming Hospital is implementing measures following the announcements of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister. All measures are applicable in the overseas territories.

  To manage this latest health crisis, the hospital has decided on a certain number of precautionary measures to minimise non-emergency hospital access related to either COVID-19 or serious pathologies or accidents.

  The primary objective is to enable the St. Martin and St. Barthélémy Hospitals to be in a position to offer services and have the ability to carry out their missions in the face of the epidemic while preserving the capacity to receive other patients that may require non-deferrable care.

  To protect professionals and patients, general protective measures were activated as early as March 17 at noon (access controls, abolition of internal meetings not yet held, etcetera). In conjunction with the Préfecture and the Rectorat, children of hospital staff will continue to be cared for in the schools, collèges and lycées to enable their parents to pursue their missions,

  For the same reasons, in agreement with the Collectivité, childcare measures are being organised for children under the age of three years.

  During the entire period of national and territorial containment of the epidemic, visitors are prohibited from visiting hospital patients except in the case of adult services for a life-threatening condition. Following medical advice, visits will be limited to one adult at a time.

  For childcare services and after medical advice, visits are limited to one parent at a time. Authorised visits will take place only from 4:00 to 7:00pm.

  For patients, emergencies continue to be covered; however, given the context, a forward medical post will filter out non-essential access. If you only need a consultation or medical advice, call tel. (0590) 52.26.07 or (0590).26.08 before coming to the external consultations.

  In this context, the hospital management requests that visitors and families strictly follow instructions and go to the hospital only if really necessary.

  Continue preventive measures to stop spread of COVID-19: stay at home, wash your hands regularly, cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue, use single-use tissues and discard them, greet without shaking hands and without kissing.

Source: The Daily Herald