New Direction releases its list of candidates for Territorial Election

Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool


MARIGOT–Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool divulged her list of candidates for the March 19 Territorial Election at an event held in the Bridge Restaurant in Sandy Ground over the weekend.

All of the eight parties were required to submit their lists to the Prefecture by the 6:00pm deadline on March 3. The Prefecture has now confirmed those eight lists as well as four from St. Barths.

New Direction has the current Third Vice-President Wendel Cocks at number two on the list while Raymond Helligar who quit Movement for Justice and Prosperity (MJP) comes in at number six, confirming his prediction he would be in the top ten. Former St. Martin Tourism Office Director Silviane John is number three on the list.

The full list is as follows: 1. Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool; 2. Wendel Cocks; 3. Silviane John; 4. Jean-Francois Raboteur; 5. Néclina Etienne; 6. Raymond Helligar; 7. Astrid Granchon-Riolzir; 8. Raymond Foy; 9. Mélanie Lendor; 10. Georges Richardson; 11. Altagracia Martin; 12. Alexis Stanford; 13. Farah Bertrand; 14. Stephen Chastanet; 15. Nadia Boirard; 16. Jonathan Barisiene-Hodge; 17. Louisa-Fernanda Ogarro; 18. Laurent Tousverts; 19: Lydie Jean-Fort; 20. Denis Leblanc; 21. Marie Lyndor; 22.Alain Guilot; 23. Linda Harrigan; 24. Georges Illidge; 25. Ermine Toulon; 26. Hector Richardson.

Source: The Daily Herald