New members approved for Cadastre supervisory board

PHILIPSBURG–Four new members have been approved to the supervisory board of the Cadastre and Mortgages Registry by Spatial Development VROMI Minister Angel Meyers, based on a positive advice from the Corporate Governance Council.

Heading the board is Louis Crastell Gumbs with members Victoria Dubourcq,                                                                   Nzinga Lake, and Charlesworth Sydney. All members will be officially appointed once the National Decree is approved and published.

Vincent Boetius, the fifth member of the Supervisory Board, will be replaced in October when his term ends.

The Supervisory Board has consisted of only two members for a significant period. The appointment of the new members to the Supervisory Board will aid in the improvement of Cadastre’s tasks.

The operations at the Cadastre are managed by an interim management team, which, with the support of the employees has kept the organization functioning and has continued with rendering services to the public.

Meyers expressed gratitude to Interim Director Marcia Peterson and staff for their dedicated work. “It is one of the highest priorities to be addressed by the new Supervisory Board,” the Minister stated.

Source: Daily Herald
New members approved for Cadastre supervisory board