New parking lot St. Johns | THE DAILY HERALD

SABA–Construction for a new parking lot for the primary and secondary schools in St. Johns commenced early this week, announced Commissioner of Infrastructure Bruce Zagers on Friday.

The new parking lot will hold about 25 cars and is scheduled to be completed before school resumes after the holidays in January 2019. Traffic congestion and a shortage of parking has been a significant problem in the lower St. Johns area, especially around the schools. With the moving of the Laura Linzey Day Care Centre to the same area, building this parking lot has become even more essential.
The second phase of this project will be a bypass road, which will further reduce traffic congestion. This bypass road will re-route all traffic from the school premises through the new parking area and will lead the traffic to an exit area by the Catholic Chapel on the main road. This second phase will begin once the parking lot is completed.
Commissioner Zagers stated that this is a welcomed project for this area, as the traffic problems has been a hindrance for years. “Ensuring the safety of all students, teachers and residents of this area is a priority. Before the problem intensifies with the addition of the day care children and the associated traffic, it is seen important to remedy this problem.”
The parking lot and bypass road have been designed by the Planning Bureau and the project will be supervised by that department. The execution of the project will be carried out by Public Works. Currently the excavation work is being done by the Breadline Construction Company.

Source: The Daily Herald