New parties’ have to prove voter support

The combined list of caretaker PNP-minister Suzanne Camelia-Römer’s new party PIN and MS will also need to qualify.

WILLEMSTAD–This weekend citizens of Curaçao will have to show their backing for six political parties that want to participate in the early election of April 28 but currently don’t have a seat in Parliament.

  According to the law, these “new parties” must each get at least 792 support votes in the two-day pre-election qualifying round. That is one per cent of the valid votes cast in the last election of October 2016.

  The six parties involved are the Democratic Party (DP), “Partido Uní Solido i Hustu” (PUSH), “Movementu Kousa Promé” (MKP), the combined list of “Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 di mei”/”Partido Aliansa Nobo” (FOL/PAN), the combined list “Partido Inovashon Nashonal”/”Movementu Speransa” (PIN/MS) and “Liberalismo Klásiko Komunidát di Kòrsou” (LKKK).

  Their supporters have to present valid photo identification at one of the nine polls where they receive the ballot. If someone makes a mistake during the voting it is possible to get a new ballot from the president of the polling station, but this is permitted only once.

  The voting bureaus for the pre-election are Kranshi in Otrobanda, Sentro di Bario Montaña, Sentro di Bario Santa Maria, Sentro di Bario Tera Korá, Professor Dr. I.C. van Houtenschool in Brievengat, Skol Marieta Alberto in Koraal Specht, Kolegio San Hosé in Barber and A. E. Goiloschool in Julianadorp. Inmates can also vote in prison on Saturday and Sunday.

Source: The Daily Herald