New party PFP rides wave of support into Parliament | THE DAILY HERALD

Party for Progress (PFP) candidates and members in a festive atmosphere at party headquarters in Cole Bay as results were coming in that demonstrated an impressive showing in the party’s first election.

 PHILIPSBURG–After all the votes were counted, Party for Progress (PFP) rode a wave of support to gain two seats in Parliament, based on the preliminary election results. PFP received more votes than some other established parties in its first election, netting more than 1,400 in total.

  PFP had an uphill battle to even contest Thursday’s election, as the invocation of Article 59 in September 2019, just as the party launched, cast doubt as to whether the party had fulfilled all legal requirements to stand for yesterday’s snap election.

  “We are elated and humbled,” said PFP leader and highest vote-getter Melissa Gumbs about Thursday’s election result. “We ran the best campaign we could, in the short time that we had, and we are very proud of that. We’re incredibly grateful to the people of St. Maarten who put their confidence in us. I am very humbled that so many people put their faith in us.”

  When asked about the next steps going forward, Gumbs happily said, “a nap.” The final vote tally did not come out until about 3:30am today, Friday.

  “[In Parliament – Ed.] we are going to focus on the points in our manifesto and providing the people with the best representation they can be proud of. Our priority is the road fund and to establish a registration agency for healthcare professionals,” said Gumbs.

  Based on the preliminary results, PFP’s members of parliament (MPs) are expected to be Gumbs and number four candidate Raeyhon Peterson.

  Gumbs said she is letting the result “sink in” before thinking about forming a coalition or staying in opposition. “We can’t say yes or no to either option yet,” she said.

Source: The Daily Herald