New party PFP submits list of eight candidates | THE DAILY HERALD

PFP party leader Melissa Gumbs (standing) submitting her party’s list of candidates to the Central Voting Bureau.


PHILIPSBURG–Political new-comer Party for Progress (PFP) submitted its list of eight candidates for the upcoming snap Parliamentary elections on January 9, 2020. PFP was the first political party to submit its list of candidates to the Central Voting Bureau on Thursday.

  Heading its list in the #1 position will be party leader Melissa Gumbs.

  Following her will be Charlon Pompier as #2 on the list. Former member of the Central Voting Bureau Patrice Gumbs, Jr. is #3, Raeyhon Peterson is #4, and Marvio Cooks is #5 on the slate.

  Rounding out the list will be Michnella Eugenio, Michael James and Luciano Nicholls in the sixth, seventh and eight positions respectively.

  “PFP’s overarching vision is improving quality of life for all. We will aim to tackle those areas that impact this vision, both in the short- and long-term, from a project-management perspective. It will take people and partnership, but it can be done. I feel that we’ve put together a solid list, of quality people, across various disciplines that contribute to St. Maarten,” said Gumbs in an invited statement.

  PFP’s road to contest the upcoming election is not yet over. As a new political party, it still must gather 136 signatures by tomorrow, Friday, in order to qualify.


PFP candidates and supporters marching through Philipsburg on their way to the House of Parliament.

Source: The Daily Herald