New potential hotel up for public review | THE DAILY HERALD

INDIGO BAY–St. Maarten may have a new hotel at Indigo Bay in the near future, as the plans for the so-called Indigo Bay Hotel and Condo have been put up for public review as Saturday, October 3.

  The hotel, which is to be built by developer Cay Bay Development N.V., will be located along the beach of Indigo Bay near Indigo Bay Beach Bar and Restaurant. The plan consists of hotel buildings, residential buildings, pools, a wellness centre and conference facilities.

  The main hotel building and two residential buildings have been requested to be higher than the maximum allowable four-floor-level building height (approximately 14 metres).

  Additionally, the plan proposes non-vertical constructions like pools, walkways and landscaping to be placed less than the 50 metres from the waterline required in the country’s “beach policy”. An area preserved for nature – of approximately 100 square metres along the beach – has been requested to be re-zoned to construct part of one of the hotel buildings.

  Persons have until November 2 to submit written objections to this proposed hotel. These can be submitted at the Government Administration Building on Pond Island.

  Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Egbert Doran will decide whether to issue a permit for the hotel after reviewing the hotel’s master plan and the submitted objections, if any. 

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Why another hotel.When we have so much difficulties already to fill those we have. Another concrete jungle on one of the last prime piece of nature beauty.I wonder when the eyes of the people will open to see our green beauty of nature over green dollars of concrete.ANOTHER SAD MOMENT