New recruits join Port crane team

From left: Romeo Gumbs, Gunther Dierckx, Bobby Smith, Terminal and Cargo Project Coordinator Lela Simmonds, Michel Edwards, Cargo and Terminal Operations Manager Roger Lawrence, Interim Human Resources Manager Hector Peters, Yevgeny Andy Daflaar, Edwin Haynes, Eugenio Jones and Jerry Nicholson.


POINTE BLANCHE–Three new recruits, who recently received their crane operation certification, have joined St. Maarten Harbour Crane Company, a division of Port St. Maarten. Four senior crane operators also took a refresher course and training carried out by Global Port Training certified crane trainer Gunther Dierckx. The Port’s Gottwald Mobile Crane, the largest in the northeastern Caribbean, was used for the training.

  New crane operators are Edwin Haynes, Eugenio Jones, and Robby Smith. Senior crane operators are Romeo Gumbs, Yevgeny Andy Daflaar, Jerry Nicholson, and Michel Edwards. Crane operators work under Crane Operator Supervisor Romeo Gumbs.

  Port St. Maarten Cargo and Terminal Operations Manager Roger Lawrence said in a press statement the cargo section continues to invest in young local talent. “We emphasise and place top priority in continuous investment in existing personnel to optimise efficiency within container operations at Port St. Maarten. There is a pool of local talented people, and Port St. Maarten Management will continue to tap into this pool to fill its job openings as the company continues to grow,” he said.

  He congratulated all involved in the course. “I welcome the new recruits who will do an excellent job in maintaining current standards and increasing our cargo port operations where it concerns efficiency and productivity.” 

  The partnership between Port St. Maarten and Global Port Training started back in 2009/2010 with the certification training of the port’s first crane operators when the crane company was formally established. Due to the successful relationship that has been developed, Global Port Training and Port St. Maarten are exploring opportunities in enhancing their working relationship.

Source: Daily Herald
New recruits join Port crane team