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Yellow Sub, the latest restaurant to open in Orient Bay Vill

age. (Robert Luckock photo)

 MARIGOT–Further evidence of the confidence restaurants have in the coming season can be seen in Orient Bay Village and Grand Case with at least two new restaurant openings.

  Yellow Sub has just opened in Orient Bay Village, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Situated in a prime spot just behind Bikini Restaurant, it is clearly visible on the left as one drives towards the beach. And shortly to open is Le Macaron, a patisserie, ice cream parlour and bakery behind Yellow Sub, all part of the same business.

  A considerable number of cars and taxis were parked near Bikini, a sign that the beach is returning to its former glory. With the remaining “five-star” restaurants Kakao due to open this month and the new Kon Tiki delayed to December opening, normal service will soon be resumed.

  “All the restaurants here are open, the area has been cleaned up and there is a general anticipation for a decent season,” said Yellow Sub’s manager Cyril, the former manager at the old Kon Tiki Restaurant.

  Orient Bay Village’s recovery has been faster than that of Grand Case, permitting the restaurants to benefit from the lion’s share of business from this side of the island, but according to Cyril, when Grand Case gets up to speed it will even things out.

  “We have a mixed market of locals and international tourists, and we also benefit from the 500 or so residents that live in this area. We will see how it plays out,” he said.

  There is no shortage of choice in the village for tourists and locals. In close proximity to each other are restaurants La Voile Blanche, Le Piment, Le Petit Bistro, Cote Plages, and Sao Asian Factory. 

  An addition to the little shops that line the avenue approaching the beach is a new French supermarket brand called Le Petit Casino.

  In Mont Vernon, and somewhat out on a limb, is Sol e Luna serving fine gastronomic cuisine in its large restaurant, part of the Creole house turned into a five-star hotel. After Hurricane Irma it was completely renovated. It may only have three luxury suites and three rooms, but it is solidly booked, according to new owner Fred, with new furnishings and amenities. The restaurant is also doing brisk business for lunch and dinner.

  In Grand Case on the boulevard a number of restaurants are open now. They are Spiga, Le Nice, La Frite au Vent, the Lolos, L’Auberge Gourmande, La Villa, Le Cottage, and Ile Flotante. The new opening here is Barranco, formerly Il Neptuno, on the water.

  Rainbow is due to re-open on November 10, Bistrot Caraibes around the middle of November, Le Temps de Cerises also around mid-November, and Le Pressoir is due to re-open for Christmas. Zenith may be opening around Christmas time or at the beginning of 2019. Ocean 82 has received a building permit and is looking at opening in April 2019. Calmos Café has also applied for a building permit with its sights on opening in the summer of 2019. Tastevin is in a court case.

  One cannot help noticing still a lot of damaged, neglected buildings on the water side. Reasons vary from no hurricane insurance, waiting for claims to be settled, delays in obtaining building permits, or owners not wishing to rebuild on the water side. Whatever the reason, there is still a lot of work to be done to bring back the attractiveness of the boulevard.

  “It’s coming back slowly. One or two shops are reopening, but we haven’t had much help from the Collectivité,” said L’Auberge Gourmande owner Pascal, on the general outlook. “They took a long time to do the road, and it’s still in a mess.”

  The boulevard is due to receive a layer of asphalt before the season kicks in.

  As for 2019, Calypso Events, organiser of Tuesdays (Les Mardis) in Grand Case announced there will be a consecutive series of eight Tuesdays to look forward to starting February 5, 2019.

Off the beaten track, but fine gastronomic dining at Sol e Luna in Mont Vernon. (Robert Luckock photo)



Source: The Daily Herald