New restrictions for Anguilla with regard to COVID-19 | THE DAILY HERALD

ANGUILLA–Governor Tim Foy and Premier Victor Banks have issued a joint statement with regulations regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 following a special meeting of the Executive Council on Sunday.

  No direct flights originating from any European country, including the UK, will be allowed to land in Anguilla for the next 14 days. This will come into force from 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 17. In addition, with immediate effect, all passengers arriving from Europe, irrespective of the route they have taken into Anguilla, will be quarantined for 14 days. On their arrival, an assessment will be made as to whether quarantine will be at their home, or in an approved government facility.

  All non-essential travel for public servants has been suspended for 30 days and residents of Anguilla are encouraged to avoid all unnecessary travel overseas at this time. As a precautionary measure all schools are to close for one week starting on Monday, March 16.

  Cruise vessels with passengers who have been to Europe in the last two weeks will not be allowed to dock or disembark passengers.

  The statement also notes that any large gatherings, whether public or private, that are likely to involve persons from overseas should not take place for the next 45 days. Other local gatherings such as church, sports and political events will be allowed to continue but may be reviewed as necessary.

  The St. Maarten authorities have confirmed that nationals and residents of Anguilla will be allowed to transit through St. Maarten and to Anguilla.

  The advice to the public is that hygienic measures remain the best defence in protecting from the virus. This includes ensuring that shared spaces and work surfaces are cleaned and disinfected frequently, frequent handwashing, coughing into a tissue or elbow, avoiding contact with persons suffering from or exhibiting symptoms of acute respiratory infections and limiting physical contact with others, including handshakes or physical greetings.

  A hotline has been established for the general public seeking information or for persons who feel they have been exposed to COVID-19. The number is +1(264)476-7627.

  Chief Medical Officer Dr. Aisha Andrewin reported on Sunday that a sample from a patient with mild symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, but who did not fully meet the definition of a suspected COVID-19 case, would be sent to Trinidad for testing on Monday. In the meantime the patient has been isolated at an appropriate facility. Anguilla has no cases of the virus at this time.

Source: The Daily Herald